How to Teach Problem Solving Skills in Elementary School classroom management heart centered classsroom social emotional learning

Problem solving isn’t only about math equations. There are several social problems that students experience during a school day. These are problems that involve interactions with the school community. Beginning in elementary school, teachers must teach problem solving skills to help...

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How to Teach Social-Emotional Skills to Early Learners at the Beginning of School classroom management early development sel social emotional learning

The start of the school year is an important time for students. Especially our students that are new to the school experience. Teaching them social-emotional skills from the beginning will help them to have a successful year and build their confidence in the classroom.

To help children develop...

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Three SUPER IMPORTANT things to do on the first day of kindergarten for a successful year classroom expectations classroom management first day of school kindergarten

Starting a new school year is an exciting time. Students and teachers come in not knowing what the year will look like but eager to start. The important thing to remember as a kindergarten teacher is that the first day of the year greatly impacts the days that follow. So, I recommend doing...

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Five Activities to Teach Your Kindergarteners Growth Mindset in a Way that Will Stick

Growth mindset is a term used to describe the idea that intelligence and talent are not fixed traits. They can be developed and improved with hard work and perseverance. This idea has a major impact when specifically and intentionally taught to students as young as kindergarteners.

Carol Dweck...

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