Movement-Based Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom early development early literacy movement movement-based learning

What is movement-based learning?

There is a well-known understanding that movement helps stimulate brain growth. We can see this in the classroom while teaching new songs and chants that involve movement. Students are likely to quickly pick up words and phrases when paired with hand motion or...

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The Benefits of Using Songs and Chants for Classroom Management and Learning classroom community classroom management social emotional learning

Teaching through songs and chants has been used in education for a long time. My favorite memories as a student include singing in the classroom. As a teacher, I’ve learned that these songs were more than opportunities for fun with my friends. Songs and chants benefit classroom...

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How to Teach Problem Solving Skills in Elementary School classroom management heart centered classsroom social emotional learning

Problem solving isn’t only about math equations. There are several social problems that students experience during a school day. These are problems that involve interactions with the school community. Beginning in elementary school, teachers must teach problem solving skills to help...

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How to Teach Social-Emotional Skills to Early Learners at the Beginning of School classroom management early development sel social emotional learning

The start of the school year is an important time for students. Especially our students that are new to the school experience. Teaching them social-emotional skills from the beginning will help them to have a successful year and build their confidence in the classroom.

To help children develop...

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