Valentine’s Day Workshop for Kindergarteners early development elementary classroom engaging games hands-on activities kindergarten kindergarten teacher

What makes our students want to come to school?

It’s not about getting good grades, excelling in the classroom, or even simply liking school.

Our students want to be at school when they feel safe, loved, and valued

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to prioritize the emotional...

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How to Set Up Kindergarteners for an Amazing Second Half of the Year classroom management classroom routines elementary classroom kindergarten kindergarten teacher teacher tips

As we embark on the second half of the academic year, the opportunity to shape a positive and enriching experience for our kindergarteners awaits. It can be hard to get back into a routine coming out of the excitement of the holidays for your students. Some of them have been dreading coming back...

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Tools You Actually Need For the Best Classroom Set-Up classroom routines elementary classroom first grade kindergarten second grade teacher organization teacher tips

The issue many teachers, including myself, face is not knowing what tools we actually need in the classroom. 

We get stuck wondering things like, “Do I actually need what this ad is telling me I need?”,   or “How do I know what will work for me vs just what worked...

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Top 5 Myths Every New Teacher Needs to Know classroom community classroom management classroom routines elementary classroom end of the year first grade kindergarten second grade teacher organization teacher tips

Starting a career in teaching can be both exciting and challenging. There are expectations we have as we are starting our teaching careers that may not be true. These mindsets and misconceptions may hold you back from being the leader in the classroom you want to be. 

It is normal to get...

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