What Your Teacher Actually Wants: Holiday Gift Guide classroom routines end of the year first grade kindergarten kindergarten teacher second grade teacher tips

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the teacher in your life. To most it may seem like everything’s already been done. A mug with an apple on it is a heartfelt idea, but your child’s teacher likely has a cabinet full of them. 

You may be wondering “What’s a...

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The Secret Formula for Ending the Year Strong as an Elementary Teacher classroom management classroom routines elementary classroom elementary teacher end of the year first grade first grade teacher teacher organization teacher tips

So the end of the year is upon you, which leaves you with one question: How in the world can you end 2023 strong in the classroom?

As teachers, we get stuck wondering things like“How do I keep the kids engaged?” or “How do I fit in all the curriculum I need to teach during the...

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Movement-Based Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom early development early literacy movement movement-based learning

What is movement-based learning?

There is a well-known understanding that movement helps stimulate brain growth. We can see this in the classroom while teaching new songs and chants that involve movement. Students are likely to quickly pick up words and phrases when paired with hand motion or...

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The Benefits of Using Songs and Chants for Classroom Management and Learning classroom community classroom management social emotional learning

Teaching through songs and chants has been used in education for a long time. My favorite memories as a student include singing in the classroom. As a teacher, I’ve learned that these songs were more than opportunities for fun with my friends. Songs and chants benefit classroom...

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