Six Social Emotional Learning Skills for the Classroom sel social emotional learning

Kids, especially little learners, need social emotional learning skills to be successful at school, home, and for the rest of their lives. These are the skills that help them build confidence, work well with others, develop strong relationships, and make positive decisions!

School is one of the...

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Seven Hands-On CVC Activities for Early Literacy cvc activities early literacy hands-on activities kindergarten movement-based learning

Movement-based learning is best practice for kids. This is something that I carry out in all of my lessons, especially with phonics instruction! Learning to read CVC words with movement just makes sense for our little readers.  This practice keeps them engaged and motivated to keep trying....

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The Ultimate List of Engaging, Movement-Based Games for Phonics Learning early literacy engaging games movement-based learning phonics learning

There are so many studies done that show the importance of adding movement to learning and how it increases blood flow to support cognitive learning. Another added benefit of incorporating movement into your phonics learning is that students don’t realize they are learning! They are having...

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Integrating Early Literacy & Gross Motor Skills Development early development early literacy gross motor

The early years are the perfect time to support the physical activity of children in conjunction with early literacy skills. There is a ton of research and evidence that shows there is a need for integrating gross motor with early literacy. With that being said, it is super important to find ways...

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