Hey, I'm Andriana!

Teacher, Classroom & Behavior Management Coach, and Founder of The Active Educator.

I created The Active Educator platform to provide teachers with meaningful management strategies that emphasize movement-based learning and social-emotional development.

"Wow! Your classroom is so calm."

That’s the feedback I kept getting from my principal and teammates when they saw the level of student engagement in my classroom.

As a teacher, I often spend time reflecting on my practice, so I started recording videos of myself teaching to help me understand what made my classroom management strategies so effective.  

Around that time, I started sharing my in-action videos on Instagram and would post products periodically on Teachers Pay Teachers. As I started sharing my unique heart-centered approach, I started noticing how many teachers and students I could positively impact. As a result, I launched my first online program, Heart-Centered Classroom Management, and it’s completely changed the trajectory of my business and career. I now have a suite of training resources, in addition to The Heart-Centered Instructional Toolkit programs, which allows me to actively engage with teachers and classrooms from all over the world! 

I have spent a lot of time personally exploring what it means to live a balanced and healthy life, both mentally and physically, and this heart work has spilled into my teaching. It has become increasingly more evident to me how important movement and attention to social and emotional health is for both students and teachers. Because of this, I am passionate about empowering teachers to reclaim their confidence to actively show up in their classroom and develop a heart-centered culture and philosophy. I believe meaningful connections mean everything, for students and teachers alike.

Here are a few more ways to get to know me better...

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01 Gilmore Girls is my comfort show.

02 My go-to outfit is Madewell denim with an oversized cozy sweater and my favorite pair of sneakers.

03 My favorite drink is a warm coconut milk matcha latte.

04 I'm from Macedonia and spend most of my summers there visiting with family.

05 My mom is my biggest supporter and best friend.

06 I love moving my body daily whether that's through walking, running, barre workouts, or any style of strength training.

07 I love spontaneous solo trips. I recently visited Denmark and Sweden.

Here's what you can expect if you stick around...

✔️ Making meaningful connections above everything else.

✔️ Being actively involved and present in all areas of teaching.

✔️ Meeting the emotional needs of you and your students every day.

I'm so glad you're here.

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