Three Reasons to Have a Heart-Centered Classroom heart centered classsroom

What is a heart-centered classroom? 

A heart-centered classroom has a strong classroom management system. But it is rooted in social and emotional development. Teachers and students are invested in the classroom environment equally. In a heart-centered classroom, your students will display...

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Classroom Expectations for a Great Year in Kindergarten classroom expectations classroom management kindergarten

There’s a new school year right around the corner! You will soon have many smiling faces of new littles in your classroom. After the crazy year that we all experienced, it’s time to make this year (and the many more after that) a great year! I believe that a great year really starts...

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Three Ways to Set the Tone in Kindergarten for an Amazing Year

We have so many goals and achievements we want our students to accomplish each school year! Sometimes we can get so caught up in the content that we forget about one of the most important focuses at the beginning of each school year: setting the tone. The tone of your classroom is the way your...

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Three Movement-Based Activities that Teach Early Math Skills movement-based learning

Math and movement? Sign us up, please! There are many early math skills to teach our little learners including recognizing numbers, counting forwards and backwards, understanding shapes, sizes, and patterns, and so much more! If you have been wanting your students to make deeper connections and...

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