How to Teach Problem Solving Skills in Elementary School classroom management heart centered classsroom social emotional learning

Problem solving isn’t only about math equations. There are several social problems that students experience during a school day. These are problems that involve interactions with the school community. Beginning in elementary school, teachers must teach problem solving skills to help...

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Building a Supportive Kindergarten Classroom Community character education classroom community classroom management heart centered classsroom social emotional learning

It is important to remember that education includes much more than academics. One of the most impactful things an educator can do is build a supportive and connected classroom community for all students. When you take the time to focus on community in the classroom, you will see its positive...

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Three Reasons to Have a Heart-Centered Classroom heart centered classsroom

What is a heart-centered classroom? 

A heart-centered classroom has a strong classroom management system. But it is rooted in social and emotional development. Teachers and students are invested in the classroom environment equally. In a heart-centered classroom, your students will display...

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