Three Reasons SEL is Applauded and Appreciated in the Classroom early development heart centered classroom social emotional learning

SEL – social-emotional learning – is one of the most important components of a successful elementary school classroom. 

Teachers who prioritize SEL, and understand why it matters, will set their students up for more success both inside and outside of school. Classrooms that...

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Three Ways to Incorporate SEL Into Your Classroom early development heart centered classroom social emotional learning

Are you struggling to connect with your students? It may feel like day to day, you aren't able to sit down with them and really teach them skills beyond your lesson plans. You're craving that connection but don’t know where to start.

You may have heard me talk about the importance of...

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Valentine’s Day Workshop for Kindergarteners early development elementary classroom engaging games hands-on activities kindergarten kindergarten teacher

What makes our students want to come to school?

It’s not about getting good grades, excelling in the classroom, or even simply liking school.

Our students want to be at school when they feel safe, loved, and valued

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to prioritize the emotional...

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Movement-Based Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom early development early literacy movement movement-based learning

What is movement-based learning?

There is a well-known understanding that movement helps stimulate brain growth. We can see this in the classroom while teaching new songs and chants that involve movement. Students are likely to quickly pick up words and phrases when paired with hand motion or...

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