Five Effective Management Tips for Praise-Worthy First Graders classroom management first grade heart centered classroom

Managing a classroom of young learners can be both rewarding and challenging, especially when it comes to fostering positive behavior and creating a conducive learning environment. In this blog, I will give you five practical strategies that teachers can use to effectively manage their...

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Tools You Actually Need For the Best Classroom Set-Up classroom routines elementary classroom first grade kindergarten second grade teacher organization teacher tips

The issue many teachers, including myself, face is not knowing what tools we actually need in the classroom. 

We get stuck wondering things like, “Do I actually need what this ad is telling me I need?”,   or “How do I know what will work for me vs just what worked...

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How Problem Solving Skills Empower Elementary Students classroom community classroom management elementary classroom elementary teacher first grade second grade teacher tips

There are many social problems elementary students can experience during a school day. As a teacher, I am sure you observe many of them on a daily basis - I know I do. 

Your students can get stuck thinking that they need their teacher, they can’t do this alone, or they get frustrated...

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4 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Loving Your Class elementary classroom elementary teacher first grade first grade teacher kindergarten teacher second grade teacher teacher tips

A constant thing I see in fellow teachers and something I had to overcome is a lack of confidence when it comes to having authority in the classroom. 

We get stuck thinking things like, “Am I cut out for this?”, “Will they ever listen to me?”or just negative thoughts...

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