How to Teach Problem-Solving Skills to Elementary Students character education elementary classroom elementary teacher teacher tips

Great teachers are creative problem solvers. 

And helping your students become efficient problem solvers is one of the greatest skills you can teach them.

Young students who master problem-solving skills early in life are more likely to find academic, social, and emotional success in the...

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Three Ways to Teach Your Students Growth Mindset character education classroom community heart centered classroom social emotional learning

Helping your students develop a growth mindset is one of the most powerful ways you can set them up for long-term success.

But how does a well-meaning educator go about actually teaching the concept of a growth mindset in a way that makes sense to elementary-aged learners?

That can be a bit...

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Building a Supportive Kindergarten Classroom Community character education classroom community classroom management heart centered classsroom social emotional learning

It is important to remember that education includes much more than academics. One of the most impactful things an educator can do is build a supportive and connected classroom community for all students. When you take the time to focus on community in the classroom, you will see its positive...

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Five Brand New Ways to Teach Character Education in Kindergarten character education kindergarten sel social emotional learning

What is character education?

Character education is the strategy of teaching students how to be respectful and responsible contributors to their home and school community. Character education in kindergarten must be purposeful and thoughtful. It is the start of their school experience and will...

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