What is Heart-Centered Teaching? behavior management elementary classroom heart centered classroom social emotional learning

You want to be the best teacher you can be for your students. 

You care about your students and you want them to succeed in your classroom and in their personal lives. 

You want to create a warm, welcoming classroom environment that your students look forward to coming to every...

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Three Key Social-Emotional Learning Skills to Teach Kindergarteners classroom community classroom expectations elementary classroom heart centered classroom kindergarten teacher social emotional learning

Social emotional learning, often referred to as SEL, includes all the non-academic skills young students need to develop and master in order to succeed at school, at home, in their friend groups, and in their communities. For Kindergarteners, much of the school year is focused on introducing,...

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How to Overcome Behavior Setbacks in the Classroom behavior management classroom management elementary classroom heart centered classroom


“The comeback is always bigger than the setback.”

Do these wise words sound familiar? I swear, my mentor teacher said them so often they are forever ingrained in my brain. 

Success without setbacks is impossible. When you first stepped into the world of teaching, you may...

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Valentine’s Day Workshop for Kindergarteners early development elementary classroom engaging games hands-on activities kindergarten kindergarten teacher

What makes our students want to come to school?

It’s not about getting good grades, excelling in the classroom, or even simply liking school.

Our students want to be at school when they feel safe, loved, and valued

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to prioritize the emotional...

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