The Perfect Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

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Valentine’s Day is such a fun part of the year! It comes at the best time - right in the middle of all the winter blues. 

This is a great time of year to talk about self-care and self-love with your students. Incorporating activities that are fun and also seizing the opportunity of using the theme of Valentine’s Day is a great way to spice up this time of year. 


Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft

This Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft is a great way to celebrate the day of love while also practicing important heart-centered concepts like belonging, self love, care, and kindness. This free, simple, low-prep craft is perfect for grades K-2 and will help all of your students feel seen, valued, and supported.

In my classroom, I would use this Valentine’s Day craft during our Valentine’s Day party or near Valentine’s Day. I would first discuss with my students what the heart-centered concepts of belonging, care, and kindness mean and have students brainstorm how they can express these concepts to their friends and classmates. Then, I would introduce this craft and support my class in completing it!

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Teaching Students Love and Care

This is a great time of year to really teach your students love and care!

An easy way to do this is brainstorming with students things they love about themselves, or ways they take care of themselves. You could put them into partnerships and have them share with a partner what they love about themselves and ways they take care of themselves. 

You can also conduct a fun self love activity I like to call “Mirror, Mirror”. During this activity, students are put into small groups and each group is given a small handheld mirror. Each child has a turn looking into the mirror to share one thing they love about themselves before passing the mirror on to the next person. Students absolutely love getting a chance to share what they love about themselves aloud, and hearing what their classmates share that they love about themselves. I always get so excited to see and hear my students building themselves up with kind words and positive self talk!

Valentines Cards

Another great activity would be of course to pass out valentine cards - it’s a must right?!

I usually have my students decorate their own paper bags with hearts and decorations a few days before our Valentine’s Day event. On the day of, they each get a chance to pass out their valentine cards and then spend time talking amongst their tablemates about their cards and treats. 

Students truly have so much fun with this and it’s a great community building activity. 


Another thing both me and my students LOVE are songs. I have a few songs that go along with self-love and self-care topics. I have a song called “I am Me” in my song pack and it goes like this:

I am me, I am me- there's no one in the world I'd rather be

With a great big hug and a nod from me to you

Never forget you're special too!

It's a great one to nurture all of those concepts listed above and it’s included in my best-selling song pack! I have many more catchy heart-centered songs and chants included in my Classroom Songs Pack linked here!

These Classroom Songs are the perfect tool to get your students engaged in learning. I love using Classroom Songs to build relationships and a strong classroom family. Classroom Songs are not only a fun way for your students to learn, but they increase the effectiveness of whatever skill you are trying to reinforce (in this case building self-love and care within ourselves and each other)!

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