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Join the New Supportive Community for Heart-Centered Teachers!

Give yourself the gift of joining fellow Heart-Centered Teachers on a journey to give our students the skills they need to navigate this ever-changing world.  If you've participated in Heart-Centered Classroom Management or Heart-Centered Behavior Management, we invite you to join the Heart-Centered Teachers Community to gain support, accountability, and monthly-themed activities just for Heart-Centered Teachers.

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You have the knowledge to use the Heart-Centered Method, now it's time to implement it.

You know your students should be getting daily opportunities to practice social-emotional skills to build healthy relationships in your classroom. But with everything else you have going on ... prioritizing classroom management is easier said than done.

You're busy doing all the things in your classroom. Even though you know Social Emotional learning is important, it keeps getting put on the back-burner until you have more time to learn and implement something new.

You want to implement the Heart-Centered Method so you can bring a sense of routine and peace to your classroom again, but you're stuck trying to get it up and running. What if it takes weeks and you get behind?

... or maybe things are going REALLY well, and you want to be surrounded by other teachers who understand your mission toward a heart-centered classroom, so you can celebrate your WINS!


But before I tell you all the details, don't just take my word for it...

No more buying one-off worksheets to help you implement SEL skills in your daily routine!

As a member, you'll receive a set of themed activities all designed with The Heart-Centered Method in mind ... every single month! You'll be able to print these activities and use them in your classroom all month. PLUS ... there's a video PD to go with each month's themed activity pack, so you never have to wonder how to use the activities you have.

Each month, you'll receive:

Video Tutorial

A video training to help you implement the monthly theme, answer common questions & explain the "why".

Mentor Text Ideas

Each month, you'll learn how to incorporate Heart-Centered mentor texts to support the monthly theme.

Workshop Slides

Slides to help you explicitly teach the social and emotional skills behind the theme of the month in your classroom.

Activity & Song

An activity for both early-elementary and upper-elementary students to reinforce the monthly theme.

I want in!

What teachers like you are saying...


As a member, you'll receive a monthly set of activities that all support a theme for the month. Here are the themes we are covering this year.

January | Goal Setting

February | Self Control

March | Honesty

April | Teamwork

May | Integrity

June | Growth Mindset

July | Virtual Summit

August | Acceptance

September | Problem Solving

October | Coping Skills

November | Gratitude 

December | Friendship


This is a place to go to ask questions and get advice with implementing The Heart-Centered Method in your classroom with other teachers doing the same!


There's nothing like being surrounded by a community of like-minded teachers who understand the importance of SEL. You've found your people!


Keep yourself accountable! The Heart-Centered Teachers Community is a place to celebrate your wins with The Heart-Centered Method.


Heart-Centered Teachers is a membership and continued support opportunity for alumni of either of our Heart-Centered Classroom Management or Heart-Centered Behavior Management courses. Join at the same time as your course purchase or join any time later!




  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community for Heart-Centered Teachers
  • Monthly instructional video
  • Monthly mentor text ideas
  • Monthly workshop slides
  • Monthly activity and song 
  • Bonus Live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group



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  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community for Heart-Centered Teachers
  • Monthly instructional video
  • Monthly mentor text ideas
  • Monthly workshop slides
  • Monthly activity and song 
  • Bonus Live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group
  • 2 months FREE
  • BONUS: Heart-Centered Teacher Digital Journal 
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I'm a social-emotional learning coach, and former elementary school teacher.

I’m the teacher blogger and creator behind The Active Educator, a platform designed to offer educators with meaningful classroom and behavior management practices through movement-based learning and social-emotional development.

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