Letter to Request Funding


Dear <name>,

I am writing to request funding to participate in the Heart-Centered Teaching Method Online Program. My participation will begin on <date>, and I will complete the training by <date>. After the training, I will continue to have access to the program materials to help with implementation in my classroom.

The Heart-Centered Teaching Method is a 3-step system for creating a thriving classroom community while teaching children a lifelong foundation in social and emotional skills. This program prepares teachers to teach students healthy ways to engage with one another and build relationships.

Thanks to this management method, students will be equipped to handle academic and social challenges because they will have the space to talk about feelings and work through emotions and conflict daily. Students will be ready to learn and collaborate through a mix of explicit instruction in social emotional learning and on-the-spot reinforcement of these skills. They will be able to problem-solve on their own, leaving the teacher space to focus on instruction and facilitate important conversations.

Most importantly this year, this program will help students prepare to tackle any changes that may come their way. They will work together to generate solutions that work for the entire classroom community, and they will feel safe to do so.

I’m interested in participating in this program to learn how to implement the Heart-Centered Teaching Method in my classroom to build a classroom community and help my students build a foundation in social and emotional skills that will last a lifetime.

The registration fee for the course and supplemental materials is a one time payment of $167.  There is also an add-on option that includes a bundle of social-emotional learning resources for a one time payment of $197. Thank you for your consideration of my request for funding to attend this program. I look forward to implementing this with my students.



<Job Title>



Find out more about The Heart-Centered Method by clicking here.

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