Why Classroom Behavior is So Important

classroom management

Let’s check-in teachers: how are you doing? I know this is that time of year when you are counting down the days until break. If this has been a year for you already, I don’t want you to feel like all hope is lost. There still is time to take back control of your classroom while also giving your students an opportunity to finally feel seen, heard, and safe. It can feel like you just have to keep pushing through and just “get through this year”, but I want you to know there is an answer. 

Why is behavior so important to your classroom succeeding? 

We hear how important behavior and classroom management are to our classroom. Obviously, we want our students to be successful, but the role behavior plays in our classrooms is so much deeper than that. We might end up brushing it aside instead of making sure that it is top of mind in our classroom and instruction. 

Behavior is likely impacting your mental health.

On top of the many factors that have been impacting teachers lately, the behaviors in your classroom should not be another thing keeping you up at night. It’s extremely hard for teachers to turn off their brains at the end of the day. Teachers end up taking a lot home with us, and I’m not just talking about papers to grade. We will often blame ourselves for a chaotic day or if a student is struggling and that is not healthy for us. We can’t show up for our students when we are not at our best. 

Behavior can make you feel like your teaching isn’t effective.

Even if you plan the best lessons with the most engaging activities, it can feel like a total failure when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes you feel like you can’t even get through a lesson without having to stop and address behaviors. It’s starting to feel like the behaviors are a reflection of your teaching. This is definitely not true, but when you feel like you are constantly putting out fires, academics might take a back seat.

It has a ripple effect.

The entire classroom vibe is off when there’s a sense that control has been lost. All of these behaviors and moments stack on top of each other. It affects all areas of the classroom, your teaching, and your students' ability to fully connect. 

I don’t want you to see your classroom behavior as a constant struggle. I want behavior to become an opportunity. It’s an invitation to discover what a child really needs. And it can change absolutely everything. When we take the time to address our students' social and emotional needs, we can see such a major shift in ourselves, our teaching, and our classroom. 

I want you to feel equipped and empowered in your classroom. I don’t want you to feel like you’re constantly putting out fires or just trying to “get through the day.” I want you to understand what’s underneath behavior.

This is where my brand new program, Heart-Centered Behavior Management comes in. This program was created for classroom teachers, by a classroom teacher. The trainings are designed to help you build a toolkit for behavior that you can lean on this year and every year going forward. After learning this method, you will feel empowered to confidently handle any situation that arises. It’s a long-term solution that could shift the trajectory of a child’s entire life.

You can learn more about what this program offers and if you want to join us, click the waitlist here!  Doors open for Spring registration Tuesday, April 26th 2022!