How Do I Know I am Ready for Heart-Centered Teaching?

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Sometimes it's hard to know exactly when it’s time for a heart-centered change.

We get so caught up in the day to day rhythms and to-do lists that we end up just going through the motions. What I’ve found super helpful is actually taking a moment each week to reflect and be honest with myself about different aspects of the classroom. 

Today I’m going to walk you through some questions that will really pin-point if it’s time for something to change in your classroom. 

I encourage you to be *super* honest with yourself as you read these. Notice how your body reacts as you walk through it. Do you tense up? Does your heart rate change? Are you getting emotional?

If any of these feelings come up, just know that we’ve all been there. You are never alone in your struggles. I am here to help you and nurture you through this amazing, up and down, journey of teaching. 

Let’s get into it. 


Are you feeling burnt-out?

The first sign that it’s time for a shift is experiencing feelings of burn-out and ongoing frustration and overwhelm. 

This is a sure sign it is time to reflect on your current classroom and behavior management practices and how much they are contributing to your overall personal satisfaction. You shouldn’t be miserable in your role at school! 

I want you to thrive, and when you’re experiencing burnout, this is an unsustainable way to live. 


Are you constantly struggling with behavior?

Another easy way to see if it’s time for a shift is if there are consistent behavior challenges happening in the classroom day-to-day.

If you are finding yourself “putting out fires” multiple times per day despite applying your existing management practices, it's time to consider what isn't working, why it isn’t working, and what you can try next to implement positive change.

Remember: it doesn’t have to stay this way. There are things you can implement that will change you and your students' classroom experience for the better! 

I have an amazing freebie that will walk you through how to set clear expectations surrounding behavior and provide a foundation for a heart-centered learning environment. Download your FREE Back to Basics Behavior Bootcamp to ground your students in core behaviors now!


Are you struggling with student engagement? 

Lastly, is a lack of student engagement overall. 

If students seem disinterested or disengaged in the daily learning instruction, this is another sign that your current management practices aren't working as effectively as you'd like. 

This basically means your students aren't feeling motivated or excited to learn. There has to be a shift so that your students are absorbing the material they need to know, and you aren’t constantly chasing after their attention that you're not getting.


Do any of these resonate?

If any of these questions made you feel a little uneasy, it’s probably a sign it’s time for a shift. 

It’s okay! We’ve all been there. It takes time to get your classroom to a place where you feel calm and confident, but I want to come alongside and help guide you through these changes. 

It’s not an easy job, but you are more than capable and I am so excited for you to build a heart-centered classroom where teaching feels fulfilling and manageable. 


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