We need social-emotional learning now more than ever with everything going on in the world. I wanted to create resources the Littles could use on a device and LOVE. It is my hope that you will find these SEL activities fun and interactive. These resources are a powerful way to stay connected and in tune with students’ feelings.

"Tell Me About" is a great beginners SEL activity. I seat my students in a circle and we play a game like hot potato with our classroom microphone. When the music stops, the student with the microphone shares a time they felt (whatever the target slide feeling says- for example a time they felt excited, or a time they felt upset).

"Mindful Morning Messages" is an amazing way to kick start your morning with mindfulness! Each student has an opportunity to share their thoughts and reflections in regards to the mindfulness prompt (multiple slides for each day of the week- for example, "Motivational Monday", "Try it Tuesday", etc.)!

The "Peaceful Problem Solving" resource, houses great whole group or small group activities where students have a chance to reflect on a scenario and what they would do to be a problem solver. There are also a few text connections and a "Take 5" classroom management tool included!

The “Social Emotional Learning Community Builders" resource, is probably my favorite of all! This bundle houses three different SEL activities you could run whole group or small group style in your classroom. One of the activities is about interpreting energy levels and self-regulation. The other is about compromise and negotiations and the third is about appreciation and expressing your feelings!

The “Digital Social-Emotional Learning” resource is a wonderful tool to use as you implement SEL in a remote learning setting.  Littles can use these SEL slides to reflect on how they are feeling and ways they can practice coping strategies.  This resource is a powerful way to stay connected with your students’ even from a distance!

“Digital Self Awareness Activities” was created to help guide students through understanding their feelings and having meaningful discussions about those feelings. The activities in this resource will allow students to build upon their oral language development, self-awareness and self-regulation, and even implement movement and game-like opportunities at the same time!

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