$267.00 USD


Heart-Centered Classroom Management Toolkit

All of the strategies, language, and methods of a Heart-Centered Classroom packed into a learning experience that will become your daily go-to teaching resource.

You'll get one year of access to:

  • Mini-Trainings
  • Demo Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Resources

You'll work on these focus areas for classroom management:

  • I want to feel confident when I walk into my classroom.
  • I want my students to feel comfortable with me.
  • I want student to feel welcome in our class.
  • I want students to listen to me.
  • I want students to meet our classroom expectations.
  • I want students to listen and care for one another.
  • I want students to act with integrity.
  • I want students to feel excited about being part of our classroom community.

PLUS... you'll get one year of access to our supportive community that includes quarterly resource packs based on our core four themes:

Summer - Community Building
Fall - Problem Solving & Coping
Winter - Relationship Building
Spring - Growth Mindset